Name Year Number Position Height Hometown Major
Ben Dalgarn Sr 4 OH/RS 6'3" Psadena, CA Computer Science
Michael Morris Sr 7 S 6'3" Tustin, CA International Economics
Charlie Edwards Sr 9 MB 6'3" Dallas, TX Business
William Morgenlander Sr 22 L 6'1" Durham, NC Physics
Nicholas Pittman Sr 24 OH 6'0" Indianapolis, IN Psychology
Mike Rossetto Sr 16 S 6'2" Chicago, IL Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Shin Sr 13 OH/RS 6'1" Woodland Hills, CA Computer Science
Jack Waltrich Jr 11 MB 6'5" Willow Grove, PA Finance and ACMS
Slater Chesser So 1 MB 6'6" Camarillo, CA Mechanical Engineering
Angelo Liu So 2 S 5'11" Chester, NJ Science Business
Brian Messina So 7 L/DS 6'0" Cleveland, OH Finance and Economics