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The club team from 1988 on a trip to California to play UCLA, Pepperdine, and San Diego State

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Last Updated: July 2018

Irish Rally To A Better Than Copper Finish at Nationals


It seemed as if everything was going against the Notre Dame men’s volleyball team heading into the 2018 season. Great player and better Social Chair Teddy Edwards suffered a freak injury that left us without him for the season. Did it happen so he would have an excuse not to hang out with us? We may never know, but either way this writer isn’t convinced.


The Irish, after busting brackets on their way to a 3rd place finish in the MIVA Championships, came into Nationals at a very underrated 46th place. The Fighting Irish were not to be discouraged, however. The Irish plug walked their way into the hearts of the fans in St. Louis.


In a very Michael Morris-esque move, Dad (read as William Morgenlander) missed Day 1 in order to handle ‘real life’ responsibilities. The team had to soldier on without him and turned in a solid performance on Day 1. On Day 2, the Irish turned it on after a tough morning loss to Penn State. The Fighting Irish came out top in their group to go into the Silver bracket on the final day with wins over UTSA, UC San Diego, and Illinois.


There was no finer performance than when Sophomore Brian Messina showed off the front row prowess that so many of us have been waiting for out of him. Down 30-31, UC San Diego dared to challenge the block of Messina and on the final play of the set, the UCSD player was so intimidated by the block in front of him that he skied the ball, handing the Irish the set and the match in the process.


The final day saw the debut of ‘Team Future’ who played well in their first match as a unit. After a first set working out the kinks, the second set was tightly contested. Our seniors were able to take a bow in their final match, leaving behind a lasting legacy on the Notre Dame program. On the whole, this writer can only describe the performance by the Fighting Irish that weekend as ‘electric.’


It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to our seniors. Teddy Edwards was the most elite Social Chair in Notre Dame’s history, and his jersey will be hanging in the rafters forever. Mike Rossetto, our favorite chill father, will be missed on and off the court.  We bid a fond farewell to RA Ben Dalgarn, whose unforgettable three days in Kansas City have left a lasting impression on all of us. For his workout regiment that kept us in shape all season, we will miss Nicholas Pittman and his saucy sandwich-making skills. Last but not least, we will miss President William Morgenlander even if we’re pretty sure he’s leaving us to use his last two years of eligibility elsewhere.


This writer can assure you that the loosest team in America will be back again next year- ready to bring a trophy back to South Bend.

Irish Add New Faces For 2017-2018

The Notre Dame men’s club volleyball team is preparing to build on the success of last year following a run to the gold bracket at Nationals. We may never know what made last year’s team so successful, whether it was bloody-nosed Ben or George Max Balzer’s coaching prowess. Special recognition is in order for Max Balzer, Jorge Diaz, and Luke Ladowski for their four years of hard work, even if they don’t love us enough to use their 5th and 6th years of eligibility. Senior Kevin Shin thought it was for the best to leave this season and test the waters in free agency. We also extend a fond farewell to Michael Morris, graduating this winter, even if he left us for the track team, then Chile, and now for real life. We will miss his easy-going nature on the volleyball court and his constant reminders that winning isn’t everything. They will all be missed greatly. However, the team is hopeful that its new additions will bolster Notre Dame’s reputation as a club volleyball school. The team is excited to welcome six new players to the squad. We added four pin hitters to fill the void left by our seniors. Sophomores Mike (Nightlocke) Stefan and Nick (Oddo) Oddo are strong additions to the squad, even if they didn’t like us enough to tryout last year. We also added freshman John Holland for his magnificent singing voice and Owen Gallahue (we met at Domerfest so he must be pretty cool). We couldn’t have just one long, tall, and handsome gentleman on the team, so Alex Witte joins a deep core of middle blocker talent (#Slater). Last but not least, freshman Vince Reisel is a versatile player who we’ve let do pretty much everything other than set. The team is well equipped to succeed this year, and we have no doubt that we can win the ‘ship this year.

Irish End 2016-2017 Season in Gold Bracket at Nationals

The Irish returned to Kansas City for 2017 NCVF National Championship and, following a truly heroic performance, placed 9th nationally. The week began with tragedy when President/Coach/Perennial All Star George (Max) Balzer sprained his ankle in training. Rather than be denied, he threw on his best Hawaiian shirts and coached the Irish to their third best finish in the storied history of the program. Integral to the effort was Ben Dalgarn whose energetic play earned him All-American honors. The Irish were further bolstered by their indispensable veterans, Luke Ladowski and Jorge Diaz, who played admirably. We wish our newest alumni the best on all of their future endeavors!